Mobius Command Software

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Mobius command and control software allows users to task and supervise a fleet of autonomous vehicles in several industries including: Automotive Durability Testing, Agriculture, Mining, Security, Materials Handling, and more. A user selects a vehicle, selects a task, and then monitors progress. This software can replace a crew of workers with a single operator working remotely.

Command for Orchard / Vineyard

The following video features a set of two sprayer tractors operating on a vineyard in tandem.

Command For Agriculture

The following video features an autonomous farm concept utilizing the Mobius Command software and an cabless, driverless tractor.

Watch the CNHi video

Command For Agriculture Screenshots

Command for Mining

The following video features Mobius features in use at an autonomous mining facility.

Watch the Mobius for Mining video

Command For Mining Screenshots


James Bradford is a UX Designer and UI Engineer currently working in the Visual Analytics Group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory making web apps for cybersecurity, geospatial, and data visualization.

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