Mobius Pathbuilder Software

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01: Draw a Path

Create a drivable path that can be customized to match testing needs and course routes.

02: Scriptable Action Planning

Execute actions at a specific point in a path. Functions include: acceleration, deceleration, stop, wait, lane change, variable force braking, roll over, and more.

03: Vehicle Testing

Vehicles can be tasked to run routes as many times as needed. No need to switch drivers out due to hazardous road conditions, fatigue, and driver breaks.

Vehicle Kit

Each unmanned test vehicle is equipped with a series of hardware and software components that permit a user to toggle between manual and robotic control. Once installed, a remote operator has control over the critical vehicle functions of ignition, transmission, steering, braking, and acceleration. The kit consists of a set sensors (GPS, radar, lidar, cameras, radio) and actuators (throttle, brake, steering, transmission) that are all controlled by an onboard computer called the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU).

Pathbuilder Screenshots


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